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4 Important Features to Look Out for Before Buying an Ergonomic Saddle Chair | Sit Healthier

4 Important Features to Look Out for Before Buying an Ergonomic Saddle Chair

Suffering from back pain can be discomforting and this happens when you slouch while sitting on a traditional chair. Ergonomic saddle chairs are the one sure way to avoid slouching. When shopping for an ergonomic saddle chair, the most important things to look for are; 


  • Contour: The more contoured an ergonomic chair, the more support it gives, but this increases the chances of it not being the right fit for you. Saddle chairs with less contours allow for a higher variation of body anatomy in the population to use it. If you want a highly contoured saddle chair, it’s best to try it out before buying. Buying the right size is important as your spinal health could be compromised if you do not get a suitable one.


  • Tilt: The ergonomic saddle chair comes with a lumbopelvic tilt function which allows for easy adjustment of the seat according to your preference and comfort. Depending on your body anatomy, the tilt allows you to fine-tune the adjustment to the best comfortable zone that accommodates your anatomy rather than altering your posture. Sitting on an ergonomic saddle chair allows your thighs to stay in a declining position which gives room for unrestricted blood flow to the legs. The tilt function lets you achieve this according to your body anatomy, unlike conventional chairs that are just flat and let you slump or slouch in them because there’s no room for your thighs to drop below your hips.

  • Firmness: If you have never used an ergonomic saddle chair, it is best to start with a softly cushion saddle seat before moving on to a firmer one as it takes a while for beginners to get used to sitting on a saddle chair and building saddle strength. However, the longer one uses an ergonomic saddle chair, the firmer one wants it. 


  • Seat Height: Ergonomic saddle chairs are higher than conventional chairs as they are more of a support standing gadget that maintains and supports your standing posture whilst seated. The angle between your thighs and upper body should be at about 135°, unlike the regular chair where the hip is at 90°. Chair heights should be high for the natural spinal posture to be maintained, hence the reason why saddle chairs are high to support you properly when sitting. There’s an allowance for the seat height to be adjusted till you find a safe, comfortable and supported posture, but if you adjust too high, you risk a chance of irritating your groin area, and if you adjust it too low, you will slump and risk having a bad posture. When adjusted properly, the knee should be at 120° to 135°.

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