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Ergonomic Saddle Chairs for People Who Sit Long Hours Working| Sit Healthier

Ergonomic Saddle Chairs for People Who Sit Long Hours Working

Humans are designed to move, sitting is exacting because it puts a lot of pressure on your spine, standing is much easier and natural. Because of how discomforting sitting is, people tend to slouch and move whilst trying to find balance or comfort. Ergonomics is the discipline that deals with how best things can be designed for easy and comfortable use by humans to achieve the best performance, simply put, it allows for working in the appropriate position.

Ergonomic saddle chairs are chairs designed to give the human body support whilst putting into consideration comfort, posture, and support. It is crucial for your health and productivity at work. Having a good blood flow especially when you’re sitting is important, the blood pumps in nutrients and removes toxins, you want to be sure you’re not blocking or restricting the heart from doing its job correctly. Having an ergonomic saddle chair that will allow the correct flow of blood will better the humans.

Ergonomic Saddle Chairs for People Who Sit Long Hours Working | Sit Healthier

They have been scientifically proven to improve bad posture and the many other problems caused by regular chairs. It’s been designed to maintain the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine when seated on it. It improves muscle strength in the back and balance. It encourages movement with the swivel feature and also has a very comfortable saddle seat. Amongst the other features it has is the tilt function that lets you tilt it either forward or backward till you find a comfortable spot just for you. Also a lever for adjusting the height of the seat depending on the height you want. The height of your workstation is also important as you may need to adjust it to fit your new sitting position, your desk height should be leveled with the forearm when it’s parallel to the ground.

Sit Healthier ergonomic saddle chair is a solid work tool that enables you to work comfortably for a long period without feeling the strain or stress associated with sitting on regular chairs. Sitting on it strengthens your core muscles which give better support to your spinal bones. They are beneficial for people in every profession especially if you sit long hours working. Not worrying about pain in your back boosts productivity and efficiency at work and helps maintain your energy level all day long.

Ergonomic Saddle Chairs for People Who Sit Long Hours Working | Sit Healthier

Seeing that improving your spinal health will have an overall effect on your health speaks volumes and says a lot about ensuring you sit right and maintain a good posture. Using regular chairs puts you at risk of developing issues like chronic back pain, scoliosis, degenerative disk diseases (DDD), and spinal disc herniation. Pain becomes a serious issue that leaves you unable to concentrate at work or anywhere for that matter. Our ergonomic saddle chairs are available and would save you the stress of having to worry about pain.

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