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How Ergonomic Saddle Chairs Improve Blood Circulation | Sit Healthier

How Ergonomic Saddle Chairs Improve Blood Circulation

Common advice we are often told is to always sit upright and avoid slouching. The problem, however, is most of our chairs makes this difficult over a long period of time. Your chair may be the cause of those incessant headaches, pains, muscle strain in the workplace. The design of most regular chairs is not ideal for the natural human body. Here is where Ergonomic Saddle Chairs come into mind.


Ergonomic Saddle Chairs are designed to keep your body in a saddle position this is the body's natural posture. In this posture, you have more control of your hands and this improves your work productivity overall. It also reduces weariness due to prolonged sitting.


Sitting in a bad position while you work is dangerous to your health. Sit Healthier Saddle Chairs helps you to comfortably balance the weight of your body while you work. Here are some of the harmful effects of poor seating.


Arthritis: When there is decreased blood circulation in the joints around your body especially your knees, it can lead to arthritis. When sitting on just any chair your joints are put into a forced position. When veins become constricted, they become weak and narrowed thereby impeding blood flow. Sit Healthier Saddle Chairs support the natural body posture. It is designed to ease the joints putting the body in a more relaxed position thereby easing blood flow.


Back Pain: Do you know that when your back is not adequately supported it can reduce the blood circulation to your pelvic area? Poor circulation to the back often results to Pelvic Pain, Restless legs and feet. With Sit Healthier saddle chairs your body gets the needed support giving you a natural sitting posture at all times. A natural back position loosens muscle tension while you work easing blood circulation, especially around your legs.


Neck Pain: Your neck suffers when it is not well propped up or supported. When this is not taken care of, the muscles in your neck can become distorted, reducing blood circulation needed for the brain.

When you slouch on your chair you begin to constrict the muscles in your neck, this can cause you to lose feeling in your neck resulting in numbness. Sit Healthier saddle chairs are designed with comfort and wellness in mind. Our saddle chairs allow for natural balance and comfort while you work.



Indigestion: When you stick to sitting in a slouched position for long hours in a day it begins to slow the natural process of your digestive system. This can result in bloated bowels, unchecked weight gain and others. In an Ergonomic saddle chair, the downward movement of food is supported throughout the body. No pressure on your bowels means more healthy bowel movements.


Low Fertility: On other chairs, your whole body weight is rested on your thighs resulting in numbness. After lengthy periods of sitting you begin to feel rising temperatures around the pelvic area. These can affect many working professionals sexually. Healthy sitting means there is no pressure on your genital area which means increased libido and fertility. With Sit Healthier saddle chairs the bodyweight is spread across the legs easing blood circulation in the process.


How is all this possible? Sit Healthier saddle chairs are designed to put the body in its natural state giving your back it's natural s-shape and supporting blood circulation.


In an Ergonomic saddle chair, the body's muscles are relaxed and in a position to allow easy flow of oxygen throughout the body. This results in higher work productivity and efficiency over time.


Changing your seating from the random chairs to a Sit Healthier Saddle Chair means giving your body a structure to heal itself.


To get started visit our collection We have a variety of chairs and colors for you to choose from.

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