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The Science Behind Ergonomic Saddle Chairs | Sit Healthier

The Science Behind Ergonomic Saddle Chairs

As the world evolved, every little thing has been improved and modernized, chairs have been worked on to better our posture. We now spend long hours sitting to work, we shouldn’t use the conventional chairs that were used long ago when people hardly sat for so long to work, as they do us more harm than good. Ergonomic saddle chairs have been designed to make working easier for professionals who sit long hours while working. 

Ergonomic Saddle Chairs are scientifically proven to overcome the numerous problems caused by conventional chairs. Its designs are such that sitting on it maintains the natural healthy ‘S’ shape of the spine, rather than slouching on a standard chair and taking the unhealthy ‘C’ shape which puts pressure on the spine and the muscles around it. The distinctive shape of the saddle chair gives support to your pelvis which stops it from rotating backward, in addition to the height being slightly higher than the conventional seat, it gives room for your thighs to be at 35 – 45 degrees, meaning your hamstrings aren’t stretched which is the major reason why on conventional seats, your pelvis tilts backward. The essence of this is that it allows your pelvis to act as a foundation for the spine thereby retaining the natural ‘S’ shape it takes in a standing position. That position has more pros than the position you take in the standard seat.

The Science Behind Ergonomic Saddle Chairs | Sit Healthier

Using ergonomic saddle chairs ensures you’re not just collapsing into it but sitting the right way. Slouching in conventional chairs compresses your organs and restricts blood flow to your legs, getting a sit healthier ergonomic chair can put an end to this, and you get to maintain a healthy posture - your lower back, shoulder, and neck aren’t compromised. The concept of the saddle chair is to be seated with a neutral spine, this has been used as a preventive measure and a rehabilitation tool and extended the working lives of tons of people around the world. It improves spinal posture, relieving back, neck, and shoulder pain, and also improves breathing and circulation because the rib cage is open.

The Science Behind Ergonomic Saddle Chairs | Sit Healthier

Ergonomic Saddle Chairs have been used across many industries ranging from medical, government, dental, office, veterinary, and creatives. As companies become more responsible for the wellbeing of their employees and individuals more conscious of the importance of their health, there has been a growing rise in the need for ergonomic saddle chairs and increased relevance for it both for office and home use. Recommended and used by thousands of health professionals in the world, the ergonomic chair is still the best seat. Visit and get a chair suitable for you. Getting the right size is important and they come in various types and sizes. If you’re usually seated for long hours at a time, it’s best to get a saddle chair with a back so you have rest points. If you’re up and down often, a stool would do just great.


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