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3 Tips for Managing Back Pain at Work | Sit Healthier

3 Tips for Managing Back Pain at Work

If you find your back hurting at work, then it can make the workday seem like it lasts forever. Instead of suffering in agony, you can do some simple things to help stop the pain.

Use the Right Chair

Using the right chair is a great way to get your back to stop hurting. Most people find that they sit most comfortably in a chair where the seat height is about 25% of their body height. In other words, if a person is five feet tall, then the chair's seat should be 15 inches from the floor, but if they are six feet tall, then the chair's seat should be 18 inches from the floor. Additionally, larger people usually fit better in a wider chair. Chairs that can be adjusted to numerous positions usually are best.

Get Up and Move

While getting up and moving helps alleviate back pain, that is not possible on every job. If you find moving throughout the day is difficult, try these tips to help you get up and moving. Make sure that you get up and move during your breaks. Shift your weight throughout the day so that you are sitting in different positions. You may need to get creative in figuring out how to move throughout the day. For example, you can suggest to a coworker to have a walking meeting when brainstorming ideas. Wear shoes to work that you are comfortable walking around in.

Incorporate Exercise Around Work

While you may have to sit at a desk all day while at work, you can help yourself by moving before and after work. Make sure to research which exercises are good for relieving back pain versus those which are more like to cause more back pain. Most people find it easier to work out if they bring their exercise clothes to work with them as it eliminates the need to go home first. Doing meal preparation for the week helps get meals on the table sooner. Encourage others to join you in exercising. For example, many moms and kids do yoga together or go to a neighborhood park to play.


Research shows that sitting still for more than three hours a day can take up to two years off of your life expectancy. Get up and move as much as possible throughout the day so that your back is in a different position, and it does not become stiff. Become creative in working exercise into your day. When you are seated at your desk, make sure that you are sitting in a chair made for you. Change its position as much as possible throughout the workday.

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