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5 Common Causes of Back Pain | SitHealthier

5 Common Causes of Back Pain

One of the worst pains that you could have is back pain. It could be in the upper back near your neck or in the lower area where you sit during the day. There are a few common causes of back pain that you can work with your doctor to investigate so that the proper treatments can begin.


While you're walking or performing other exercise routines, you might experience pain in your back the day after or even a few days after. Sometimes, this pain is caused by a muscle that has been pulled, especially if you haven't exercised regularly. Back pain after exercising can also be caused because you don't have the proper form when standing, walking, and moving around.

Sleeping With Pillows

Your sleep position can also impact how your back feels. If your pillows are too flat or in a position that raises your neck too high, then your back can begin to suffer as pillows affect the quality of sleep more than you might think they do. Your pillows should promote alignment in your back so that it's not crooked while you sleep. Body pillows are an option because you can put them against your back for added support while you sleep. Aim to find some sort of neck pillow that will your head, neck, and spine aligned neutrally.

Sitting On The Job

Without proper support from your office chair, while you sit at a desk or adequate support while sitting on any piece of furniture during the day, your back will likely begin to hurt. Find a chair that has ergonomic support, such as one that has a cushion at the lower back area. Try to move around during the day so that you aren't sitting in one position for long periods of time.

Standing Up Straight

Sometimes, it might not be comfortable to stand up straight while you're walking or sitting. However, poor posture is one of the most common causes of back pain for people of all ages. This kind of back pain is often felt in the upper back as well as in the lower back, impacting multiple areas. Practice standing with your shoulders back and your abdomen slightly protruded to keep the back aligned as much as possible.


If you're involved in any kind of accident, such as a car wreck or an incident while playing sports, then you can have pain in your back. Sometimes, the discs in your back can begin to bulge because of the injuries received, which can impact how you walk and how you sit. It's essential to have X-rays done on your back if you have been in an accident to determine the exact area that is damaged.


Back pain can be mild or excruciating depending on where it's located and what causes it to occur. Your doctor can often suggest exercises to relieve back pain or use medications for relief. Pay close attention to ways that you move during the day as many of the causes of back pain are things that you might do without thinking.


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