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5 Exercises to Do in Your Office That'll Leave You Feeling Fit

5 Exercises to Do in Your Office That'll Leave You Feeling Fit

Anyone who works desk jobs knows how hard it is to stay active and healthy. Your work environment is usually not the best for keeping you active. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to keep your body strong and healthy. As it turns out, even office jobs can lead to a healthy routine. You just need to find the right ways to stay active and maintain a healthy body. For example, you can do at-home exercises or take breaks throughout the day to get some much-needed fresh air and movement. Read on to learn about the best 5 exercises you can do in your office without leaving your seat.

Walk around the building

The first thing you should do is to take a walk around the building. You’ll get some fresh air as well as time to stretch your legs, which can help relieve any tension in your muscles.
Stand at your desk
Standing at your desk is an easy way to stay healthy and active. All you have to do is stand up, walk around the office, and stretch out. This will work your heart while also giving your feet a break from being in the same position all day. Stand at your desk Walk around the office Stretch out

Yoga breathing exercises

Yoga breathing exercises are great for your respiratory system and can reduce stress. Yoga breathing exercises are one of the few office-friendly exercises that you can do in your chair, as it requires no equipment. It’s a low-impact exercise that not only improves your mental health, but also helps with any type of respiratory condition. If you don’t have time to take a break or go out for a walk, take 5 minutes to clear your mind and focus on slow, deep breaths through the nose. You can do this while sitting at your desk and even lean back if needed. If you want to make it more vigorous, use your hands to squeeze tight, release and repeat 20 times.

Neck rolls

Neck rolls are easy to do and can help relieve tension in the neck that has been building up from sitting. You can do this by sitting with your shoulders down and head in line with your spine. Slowly roll your head forward while looking at the floor, then gently roll it back until you feel a stretch. Repeat this five times and make sure to breathe evenly throughout.

Sumo squat

This is a great exercise for beginners. It’s low impact and will help you build up your lower-body muscles. Sit back in your chair, holding your arms out straight in front of you. Get up on your feet and squat down, bringing both knees past the toes of your in-step foot. Then stand back up, returning to the starting position. Repeat this 10 times before switching legs and repeating the exercise with the other leg forward. Plank: A typical office chair can't support your entire body weight, which is why it's important to use a plank as an office chair workout. Begin by getting into push-up position and then lift yourself off the ground onto one arm and straighten out the other arm so it's parallel with the ground. Hold this position for 30 seconds before switching sides and repeating with the other arm supporting you.


Working in an office all day can be exhausting. There are some simple exercises you can do to combat the stress and keep your body moving. Choose from among these five exercises and try to do at least one in your office for five minutes a day. You’ll feel better and be more productive for it!

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