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Effective Way To Cure Lower Back Pain |

Effective Way To Cure Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is probably the most common pain. We can read many peculiar versions about its causes and treatment. Back pain brings a continuous and abundant income stream to the clinics and the painkiller sellers due to the current ineffective treatment.

What is the cause for back pain? 

In fact, the pain in the lower back is mainly due to the improper use of the spine. In our current lifestyle the posture of sitting is crucial. Inexplicably, most of the traditional work and vehicle chairs are so badly formed that they force the back round. 


a)One of the discs in the spine has a bulge, a herniation, or a prolabs, which creates pressure on the nerve. 

b) Because of the degeneration, also called damaged disc, the bones of the vertebrae weigh the nerve from the spine, because there’s too little space for the nerves between the discs. 

c) The cartilage has been lost due to lack of use in the facets of the vertebrae, causing pain when rubbing the bone surfaces together. 

d) Different types of positional and mobility problems in the back cause rigidity and lack of back inaction, to which many muscles and many other soft tissues react with pain or stiffnesss. On the back there are also a lot of nerves in between the muscles that if pinned react with pain.

More than 80% of the people with back pain, who exchange traditional round-back sitting into a good-posture with swinging saddle chair, receive significant relief or get rid of pain altogether in less than 2 weeks.
The standing-like posture when sitting on a swinging saddle chair with groove in the middle eliminates 4 of the most important and serious effects of the traditional sitting:

1. Posture improves and pressure between discs spreads evenly and decreases. When seated in the upright position, the vertebral surfaces are parallel, which means that the discs are evenly and naturally loaded. At the same time, the facets of the adjacent vertebrae discs are paired with each other and take about one third of the back load, which means that the pressure between discs will decrease by the same amount.

2.Good posture relaxes the back muscles. When the muscles in good posture relax, the blood flows from the main artery located in the abdominal cavity through the vertebral arteries circulating around the vertebrae, spreading oxygen and nutrients along all the tissues on the spine. The importance of this is even more pronounced on the L4-L5 disc because L5 does not even have vertebral arteries, and thus this disc can easily get far too little food, which will accelerate decay. 

3. A swinging saddle chair with middle groove allows micro motion which circulates low-back fluids, and a wider movement when moving the chair. 


4.The middle groove eliminates pinched genitals which allows the pelvis to be comfortable as in standing position. For the most efficient, comfortable, healthiest and painless work, you need an e-table (electrically adjustable) for heigh adjustment with memory settings, belly pocket or elbow padding, good monitors (preferably 3 pcs) at the right height (looking only a little downwards) and at right distance, a Salli saddle chair and loose, airy clothing for optimal sitting health.

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