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Five Healthy Sitting Postures for Busy Professionals | Sit Healthier

Five Healthy Sitting Postures for Busy Professionals

If you tend to sit at your desk for long periods you should stick around on this short read. Most of us tend to slouch while sitting at work and it tends to put a lot of stress on our back muscles. This sometimes can lead to a lot of complications on the spine.


It is good to shift into different sitting positions as you can. However, you should drive towards sitting postures that support your Anterior(Upper back), Posterior (lower back), and Middle(spine) at all times. Your best bet to get back to a natural sitting posture is with Ergonomic Saddle Chairs.


Here are some sitting postures to get your back muscles aligned as they should be.


Five Healthy Sitting Postures for Busy Professionals | Sit Healthier


Your legs apart and hips at a 90° position: Ensure to keep your feet and hips at a neutral position and this would go a long way to prevent knee and leg pain. You may need to lift your chair or lower your chair to get your feet relaxed on the floor at a 90° angle. Or sometimes you might have to put a cushion underneath your seat to achieve this. Ergonomic Saddle chairs are designed with adjustable levers so you can lift or lower your seat effortlessly. This keeps you more active everyday all day long.


Five Healthy Sitting Postures for Busy Professionals | Sit Healthier


Your neck and back flat against a Chair: When your computer is placed too high or lower than eye level you tend to stretch your neck muscles too much. So work at placing your working tools at eye level so you're not putting stress on your body every time. Make sure to elevate your computer when you need to so it is close to your eye level. Designing your workstation with Ergonomic furniture is the way to go.


Five Healthy Sitting Postures for Busy Professionals | Sit Healthier


Your foot resting flat on the floor: You can get a footrest to place underneath your feet to help you achieve this. In the case where you are shorter and not able to place your feet flat on the floor then you should employ the use of a footrest. Ergonomic Saddle chairs are designed with seat height leavers helping you keep your feet on the ground at all times.  When your feet aren't placed flat on the floor it can distort your posture and cause you to pain in the long run. It can put your body in a lot of misalignment and put a strain on your back muscles.

 Five Healthy Sitting Postures for Busy Professionals | Sit Healthier 

Lumbar Support for your back: A lumbar support often comes as a cushion for your lower back. You should be able to move freely when you sit as movement helps to increase blood circulation around the lumbar spine. Ergonomic saddle chairs are designed with lumbar support for the natural human back. The lumbar support cushion sits right on your spine without pushing your back. When your lower back is not well supported you tend to slouch and bend over and this can put a strain on your shoulders and neck. Having an Ergonomic Saddle Chair will go a long way to keep you supported and help you sit in your natural body position at all times. So if you don't have an Ergonomic Saddle chair it is advised that you get one.


Five Healthy Sitting Postures for Busy Professionals | Sit Healthier


Elbow and wrist resting on Armrest: You Should work to keep your elbow at a Comfortable Position at all times. When your arm is not placed correctly your arms may feel numb and you can get tired very quickly. The best bet is keeping your arms at a 90° so your arm will be at its natural state. At this position, you won't have to slouch or lean over your chair too much.

Ergonomic Saddle Chairs are also built with adjustable armrests. Now you can work easily and efficiently without stress.


Bonus tip: When you sit, ensure that your knees are lower than your hip and make sure to push your hip forward to maintain the S-shape of the natural body spine.


A good or bad posture will be greatly determined by the angle of your chair's backrest, the angle of your bottom to your back, the depth and thickness of the foam on the chair, and a place to rest your arms.


Get your workstation set up adequately so you can always be supported while you sit. With Ergonomic Saddle Chairs, your posture can always be sustained and supported all day long.


Reduce the chances of neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, leg and hip pain with Ergonomic Saddle Chairs.


Visit our Collection today to get a custom made Saddle chair just for you.

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