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Five ways that your Furniture may be Negatively Affecting your Health | Sit Helathier

Five Ways That Your Furniture May Be Negatively Affecting Your Health

What is that thing you would need to change as it concerns your health? Money, you would say. Well, you are right. But don't you think there are things you could do while you wait for the money.

What you would like to do is to change your environment and lifestyle choices and see the magic happen.

As you work or take that needed vacation where are you sitting most of the time?

Sitting and working through tight schedules all day can impede on your overall health. It can affect your efficiency and can result to work burnout. It can be very unhealthy to have a sedentary lifestyle as it could lead to bad posture. Even then sitting on poorly designed furniture is the bane of it all.

Your lifestyle choices affect your health status in many ways. It can be very burdensome changing your habits in a short time but the little changes make a lot of difference.

So how long since you had your blood pressure taken? Do you think you can pass the minimum health fitness test?

Besides it isn't the case of just your furniture, it is the case of why you are always at the doctor's every now and then.

Still, we are here to show you how to cut on your health insurance or save up if you have none. 

Here are five ways you are doing it wrong with your Furniture.


Your Posture


Five ways that your Furniture may be Negatively Affecting your Health | Sit Healthier

Your feet should always rest flat on the floor when you sit and your chair should help you stay that way every time. Changing and maintaining a good posture often takes time. But it is advisable you make it a habit to relax your muscles at all times. An Ergonomic Saddle chair is designed solely for this purpose. Ergonomic Saddle Chairs help to support and correct posture disorders.

Good posture helps to improve your breathing and the overall needed body coordination. So before you start working, ensure that your chair is designed to help you relax your shoulders and keep your spine aligned. An Ergonomic Saddle Chair is designed with an S-shaped seat to support the natural body's joints and muscles.


Impedes Your Body's Natural Movements


Five ways that your Furniture may be Negatively Affecting your Health | Sit Healthier

When the joints in the body are in alignment there is less fatigue and there is more energy left to work. Whenever you sit, the right muscles in your body should be activated. An Ergonomic Chair is designed to give your joints and muscles natural alignment.

When you're slouched against a chair your breathing is inevitably affected because you are sitting wrongly. Focus on relaxing your back and joints every time you are involved in high stressful situations. An Ergonomic Saddle Chair is designed to help you save more energy while you work. With a swivel that allows you move in 360°, what more are you looking for?


Stresses you when you sit

Check the headaches and tension in your muscles when you sit. Being aware of what stresses your body is essential to having a clean bill of health. To ease your back of the tension when you sit you need lumbar support. An Ergonomic Saddle chair is designed with lumbar support to accommodate your natural curves. Natural Curves especially in your neck, spine and lower back. The S-shaped back of an Ergonomic chair supports and conforms to the curves of the natural body. When you notice you are beginning to get a bit restless as you sit then your furniture may not be right for you.


Puts tension on your joints

You will notice a reduction in the tension on your neck after two weeks of using an Ergonomic Chair. When you sit in a crooked position for a long time your joints begin to wear out over time. When there is tension on your joints it impedes on your blood circulation. And could even affect your eating, walking and even sleeping. That's why a chair that is not flexible and adjustable would put tension on the natural muscles and joints in the body.


Difficulty Relaxing

It is good to relax your muscles often because when they are stressed they cause you pain. When you notice a sudden change in your energy levels at odd hours of the day there might be a problem. An Ergonomic Saddle Chair is designed to give the body ease. With a backrest that reclines to accommodate the natural body's movement, napping is now a pleasure with Ergonomic Furniture.

So the question is; is your health in good shape? Have you ever used an Ergonomic Saddle chair? It is designed to support your natural weight and height.

Are you always in front of your desk much? An Ergonomic Saddle chair will help ease your back during long stressful situations.

 It is made especially for people who sit-in a lot and are trying to improve their posture.

Get your own Ergonomic chair and ensure you consistently use it always. Plus you would save more money instead of the pain reliefs and the monthly physiotherapy sessions.

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