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Preventing Back Pain with Ergonomic Saddle Chairs | Sit Healthier

Preventing Back Pain with Ergonomic Saddle Chairs

Have you been noticing new aches and pains since you started working from home? That’s because your workstation at the office was designed to follow an ANSI-HFS. As you work from home you have returned to your couch and the standard of your workstation is subpar.

For residential settings, most of our homes do not accommodate Ergonomic office furniture. Why? This is because a lot of people do not invest in it. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, most professionals now do the bulk of their work from home.

If you already work from home, it is possible that you might be working from the dining chair, your couch, or your bed. If this is true, there is a high chance that you are sitting in the wrong position. When this goes on for weeks and months, you should get worried.

If you are already beginning to feel aches and pains every other time you might suffer a musculoskeletal injury soon which might be hard to manage. You don’t want to suffer a bad back, a sore neck, and shoulders every time you sit down to work.

What should you do? You should always pay attention to sitting in a comfortable position. Avoid bending awkwardly when you seat so you can promote blood circulation.


Preventing Back Pain with Ergonomic Saddle Chairs | Sit Healthier

Avoid hunching forward in your chair while you work. Your lower back should always curve towards your belly. This is the most neutral posture. An Ergonomic Saddle Chair is designed for the natural body. So when sitting on an Ergonomic Saddle Chair there is no pressure on your back and intervertebral discs. However, when you sit on the dining table or couch for example while working your lumbar spine bends out and this puts a lot of pressure on the lumbar discs. This can lead to debilitating injuries in the future. So you want to sit in a way that your spine is supported. An Ergonomic Saddle Chair gives you room to sit back in your chair while giving your body support. You can adjust your Ergonomic Saddle Chair so you can sit close to your keyboard and mouse. Compared to other random chairs, an Ergonomic Saddle Chair gives good lower-back support.

Do not leave your feet dangling in the air. When you do this, you put unnecessary pressure under your thighs and this will restrict blood flow going to your legs and feet. With an Ergonomic Saddle Chair, you can adjust your seat depth so your feet are sitting properly on the floor.

A bed is even worse than a random chair. When you sit on the side of your bed, you’ll have to bend over. After a long time, this puts a strain on your neck. What is stopping you from getting an Ergonomic Saddle Chair with us?

Do not forget to follow these tips to make your home office more ergonomically designed. The more you can work in a neutral posture, and the more you can move around, the less the chance of any injury.

If you are looking for an Ergonomic Saddle Chair for your workspace, we have a variety of bespoke chairs to choose from.

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