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The Scientifically Proven Best Way To Sit

The Scientifically Proven Best Way To Sit

The Ergonomic Saddle Chair has been designed to provide you with all the benefits of a traditional office chair, without the health risks.


What is the Saddle Chair?

The saddle chair is a unique chair that reduces pressure from your back. It sits gently upon your mid-back and hips. Lower back pain, fatigue and spasms are typically caused by the pressure on your spine when sitting in front of a desk or a computer. Ergonomic Saddle chairs are great alternatives to other office chair styles, they have addressed the issues by creating a saddle shaped seat rather than the typical flat surfaced seat which provides a lot of health benefits. What benefits can you experience? While some people believe that the reverse-lumbar adjustment is the main benefit of the saddle chair, it isn't. The horse saddle, to which the saddle chairs are modelled was not designed to allow the person to tilt the horse forward and back, but to keep the horse under control.


The Benefits

An ergonomic sitting position, balanced sitting posture and a low incidence of backache, caused by over-stretching. A chair that is unique in design and comfortable in a variety of ways: Remote lumbar adjustment for more comfort, Leg rests, and spinal support Lumbar adjustable headrest for a perfect neck support Ergonomic grip handles for smooth movement and perfect grip Seat rails that are adjustable for height.


The Drawbacks

From the start, many people have been hesitant to consider ergonomic chairs. The belief in old-school chairs are that you should sit in them for a long time without getting up and moving around, causing poor body posture, back pain, neck pain, spine problems and many more. But, the Ergonomic Saddle Chair is designed with all these people in mind and with the best reputation for relaxing as soon as you sit down in it.



Sitting all day in an office chair not only causes back problems, but it also causes neck and shoulder pain. If you sit in a standard office chair, you'll soon be sidelined with a back injury. Worryingly, about one in every three people suffers with a back injury at least once in their lifetime. That's a lot of people who don't even realize that their bad posture is the cause of their injury. But the good news is that you can prevent all those injuries by simply switching to a better ergonomic chair. If you have any problems with your back, neck or shoulders, there are plenty of different ergonomic chairs on Sit Healthier. 

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