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Ergonomics: Different Type Of Office Chairs

Ergonomics: Different Type Of Office Chairs

It is a well-known fact that sitting for prolonged hours will definitely cause discomfort and stiffness, especially if one works on the computer or behind a desk and is not getting the appropriate body and back support. One can find different types of ergonomic office chairs in the market that have been designed for providing greater support to the body, comfort and relief from tension.


Popular options to consider when selecting these office chairs


These days, ergonomics at the workplace are being promoted at an increasing rate. Entrepreneurs are eager to have employees who are working healthy and do not miss work due to back pain, because of improper sitting posture from poor quality office chairs. The most popular ergonomic office chairs available are as follows:

  • Traditional chairs: Traditional chairs that are ergonomically designed have a swivel design, the seat having adjustable backrest and height with tilt function. The backrest has been designed for providing lumbar support and curved to follow spine contour. Backrest usually measures 15” – 22” in height, which is sufficient for receiving optimal support. Seat measures around 17” – 20” in width. People requiring bigger seat can have custom pieces ordered. Armrests are present in most models. They offer additional comfort by having arms supported when typing on the keyboard. Thick padding is also provided in these models. Memory foam is used for padding the armrests, backrest, and seat to mould body contours, helping the user enjoy greater comfort and perfect support. 
  • Saddle Chairs: This type of chair is known to have derived their name from its design. The seat has a horse saddle shape. Armrest and backrest are not present. It also comes with adjustable height and padded seat. Upon sitting on saddle seat, legs naturally drop down and widen, to help the back to be straight. There is also increased blood circulation. It is recommended for those with lower back problems.
  • Kneeling Chairs: The knee or kneeling ergonomic office chairs have been designed for having the body kept in a position similar to that of kneeling. A knee rest and seat is provided. On sitting down, the knees are bent and hip slightly forward. There is perfect alignment of the shoulders, neck and the back. Upon taking this posture, body weight gets distributed between knees and the pelvis. 
Selecting the right type of office chair is sure to help the person get relief from work pressure and feel comfortable although working for longer hours.

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