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  • The common problems seen in employees across the globe, especially those who are required to sit for longer hours, is back pain. The best way to overcome or avoid pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders, due to prolonged sitting in a regular chair, is to have it replaced. These days, one can easily come across chairs that are designed with ergonomics and aesthetics in mind. Another aspect to be aware of is to maintain recommended posture while performing regular activities at the computer desk or workstation.

    Importance Of Having The Right Posture

    When being seated in an office chair, it is recommended to maintain proper posture. This way, one can ensure they are working tirelessly for a very long period without having to face shoulder, arms, legs, neck and back pain. Over time, people may slouch over into a "C" position when seated in office chairs. This might place excessive strain in nerves and discs surrounding the spine, thereby worsening pain in the lower back region of the body.

    Using Ergonomic Office Chairs

    While making use of office chairs, the individual needs to ensure they are making optimum usage of the back support. The chair needs to be adjustable and flexible enough to match the person’s specific body requirements. Besides feeling comfortable, he/she is also likely to experience less discomfort within the spine region.
    The office chair is to be set to appropriate height. This would largely depend on the height of the user and that of the desk. Office chair heights should be adjusted in such a way that when the person is seated at the workstation, his arms are parallel to the spine, elbows rest at the desk at a 90-degree angle. A footrest may be used, which is sure to make the workstation a bit more comfortable.

    Importance Of Lower Back Support

    It is very important for the lower back to be properly supported by using an ergonomically designed chair, to ensure that the user is comfortable, relaxed and is able to work tirelessly without facing back pain at any point of time. Forward or "C" slouching would cause tremendous backache, since the spine is stressed, especially the lumbar discs.
    Lastly, the computer screen should be placed in such a manner that the viewpoint would fall straight on the center of the screen, to minimize strain put on back. Similarly, the chair’s arm rest is to be adjusted in a way that the elbows are kept on it, allowing the shoulders to be slightly lifted. Following these basic steps, is sure to provide comfort to the upper back and diminish forward slouching when working.

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