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  • Trying to sit for a long period of time may make a person feel uncomfortable and tired leading to acute back pain. This could be due to an ordinary chair that he is using either at the home or the office, which should be changed immediately. It is important for the person to ensure that he is comfortable, and relaxed at work, so that he can take on the challenges throughout the week and emerge a winner, to enjoy the weekend with his family. This is something that can be provided by a well designed ergonomic office chairs.

    Anatomical one-piece saddle design.

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    Knowing the Right Posture

    People generally have sloping postures when sitting in the chair for longer hours. Irrespective of how much they try, they are not able to maintain the correct posture that is generally recommended by the health experts. A poor posture is sure to make the person feel extreme back pain. With time, the person may develop a chronic ailment, which is likely to hamper productivity.
    The employer is to promote a working healthy environment at the workplace by offering office chairs that are designed with ergonomics and human comfort. But this does not mean that the person should not let the chair perform all the work. By sitting properly with the right posture, the spine is to be strengthened. This, in turn, is sure to assist the back which can help the person to feel less achy and tired at the day’s end.


    How to select ergonomically designed chairs for reducing back pain?

    Firstly, one needs to get the office chairs to be properly adjusted. It does not actually mean ‘as it comes out of box’ or ‘near the desk’. If ergonomic chairs are not used properly, then they're pointless. The hips should be pushed back into the seat for providing maximum support to the back. The feet should be flat on the floor while the thighs are to be parallel to the ground. If it is not, then the seat is to be raised or lowered according to the specific requirements of the user. The chair back should not be at a right angle. Instead, it should be adjusted to about 100 – 110º. This way, when sitting, the person is slightly reclined.

    Taking few things into consideration and using ergonomic chairs at the office can increase productivity and decrease workplace-related health ailments.

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