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How to Reduce Sickness and Absenteeism with Ergonomic Saddle Chairs | Sit Healthier

How to Reduce Sickness and Absenteeism with Ergonomic Saddle Chairs

In the wake of remote work, we are seeing a lot of professionals working longer hours in the comfort of their beds. Some others are stuck sitting in uncomfortable dining chairs while others set up workstations on their room floors. Many do all this continuously for more than eight (or more) hours a day.


Before the pandemic, companies were heavily investing in office and workspace ergonomics. These companies were conversant with the fact that their employees will be more productive and efficient when they worked in comfortable spaces. 


Now that 90% of the workforce has moved to a home-based setup. How is your workstation health and safety? Worse or better than before?


How to Reduce Sickness and Absenteeism with Ergonomic Saddle Chairs | Sit Healthier

According to reports, Ergonomic professionals have noticed a spike in the number of physical health problems caused by neck and upper body discomfort due to poor use of laptops and uncomfortable furniture.

So even though more employees are working from home there is still a rise in sickness and absenteeism. This means less productivity and an overall negative impact on workers’ wellbeing.

Post-coronavirus companies will need to invest as much time and money in the health of workers even when they are at home, as they do when they are in the office.

This means carrying out a suitable assessment of their employees' remote working environment.

Employers must continue to collaborate with their employees on workstation health and safety if they are to achieve optimum productivity. This means having access to the right tools.

It will leave them more energized and excited to work.

Still, employees need to take personal responsibility by using ergonomic workspaces for their health and optimum results.

Your company should reimburse you in case of any expenses associated with making those workstations as efficient and comfortable as possible.

This should cover everything from the furniture and equipment being used. This means no to Dining chairs and yes to ergonomic saddle chairs and ergonomic workspaces.

Is your chair adjustable, do you need a footrest? You can get all these features on an Ergonomic Saddle Chair.

Without stressing just the importance of ergonomic homework space, you can get an Ergonomic Saddle Chair of yours at Sithealthier today.

We have a collection of Ergonomic Saddle Chairs for you to choose from. We will also help you arrange your ergonomic workspace. We are open to consultations.

We have a library of resources as we offer guidance on workstation set-up, ergonomics, productivity amongst others. You can request a remote chair assessment from us today. We have personnel trained to make ergonomic checks and give you one-on-one support and advice, according to your needs.

Since no supervisor will be looking over your workstation process, you need to uphold that personal responsibility to always work with an Ergonomic Saddle Chair.

We also share personalized tips on how you can work from home without hurting your back, neck, and arms. Visit our chair collection of ergonomic chairs and say bye-bye to aches and pains.

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