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How to Stay Calm and Productive in Your Workplace | Sit Healthier

How to Stay Calm and Productive in Your Workplace

Work can be draining. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A positive, healthy work environment is the key to feeling motivated and productive at your job.

You see, research has found that when employees feel supported and happy at work, they are more likely to stay loyal and are more productive. When you feel supported by your colleagues and management, you’re also more likely to stay calm and focused throughout your workday.

It doesn’t matter how many tasks are piled on your desk or how many emails you have to send. When you have a supportive environment, you’ll be better able to stay organized, reduce distractions and stay productive. This article will discuss some of the best ways to stay calm and productive at work.


Set boundaries

Knowing what you are and are not willing to take on at work is key. Setting boundaries will help you to stay focused, preventing you from feeling overwhelmed.

It’s important that you know what your limits are. This means knowing how many hours of work you can put in a day, how many tasks you can accomplish in a day, which days of the week or time periods are available for taking on new projects and more. Setting boundaries at work will help you to avoid feeling overworked or stressed out when it comes time for those deadlines.


Make a to-do list

The first thing you can do is make a to-do list. When we think about our work, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. By writing down what you need to do, you’ll have a clear idea of where to begin. A great way to stay organized is by making lists of your tasks and responsibilities for the day.

This will also help you feel more in control of your workload and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by the things that need to be done. This can also help if you're in charge of managing other people's tasks as well! You'll always know where everyone's at with their work.


Exercise regularly

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy and productive. It doesn’t matter if you are a morning exerciser or a night-time exerciser, it’s just important that you find the time to exercise regularly. Even if you can’t find the time for 30 minutes every day, consider committing to 5-10 minutes per day.

If you are struggling to sleep at night, one way to fix this is by incorporating exercise into your routine. Exercise promotes better sleep and helps regulate your circadian rhythm. As a result, when you exercise during the day and go to bed at 8 pm (for example), your body will be more likely to release melatonin and start producing serotonin in anticipation of restful sleep.


Find a healthy work-life balance

A healthy work-life balance is key to staying productive.

It’s easy for your work-life balance to get off track, meaning that you never get a chance to recharge or focus on anything else in your life outside of work.

With a positive and healthy work environment, you’ll have the opportunity to take time for yourself so you don’t burn out. You can take more time during the day to do things like exercise or meditate. You can also take vacations when needed and make time for other commitments outside of work. This way, you are more likely to enjoy your job, which will make it easier for you to stay productive and focused.


Ask for feedback

One of the best ways you can start feeling more calm and productive is by asking your colleagues for feedback. It’s important to stay focused on the bigger picture, which means knowing what others are thinking and how they feel about your work. Feedback is a great way to stay updated on how you are doing in your workplace and it will help keep you grounded.

When you ask for feedback, be sure not to take it personally; instead, take it as an opportunity to grow. Feedback is never a personal attack and should be taken as constructive criticism in order to improve. If there are things that need improvement, make note of them and then look into how you can change those aspects of your work quality.



Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, a workaholic or lazybones, there are plenty of ways you can make the workplace a more productive and enjoyable place.

On the next few pages, we’ll take a look at some of the most important ways you can make your workday less stressful and more rewarding.

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