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Office ergonomics – Present need in the work environment

Office ergonomics – Present need in the work environment

It has been noticed that the majority of the office, even in today’s highly modernized world is lacking from ergonomics. Hence, employees have been suffering from various types of health ailments like neck, shoulder and back pain, leading to reduced productivity of work and loss of revenue. Since the office is an important place where work is to be carried out in an effective manner and promptly, so as to keep the clients satisfied and happy, the right kind of furniture is to be installed, so as to promote a working healthy environment.

About office ergonomics

It is a study as to how the body respond to the surroundings. It is also studying the relationship between workplace and the worker. It could be that the person feels tired after the day’s work and assume to be working really hard. However, the fact could be that he has been sitting at the desk throughout the day, leading a sedentary life, which is sure to take a great toll on his health, mentally and physically. Uncomfortable low desks, chairs, a poor spacing of different items kept at the desk, including the office environment does play a crucial role with regards to office ergonomics.

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How are employees affected due to a poor arrangement at the workplace?

Poor office ergonomics does not only impact the individual’s health, however, also the business. Good health is definitely desired by every person. This is something possible only by doing away with the old chairs and to install ergonomic office chairs.

Some statistics to be kept in mind before considering buying ergonomic chairs

  • Two-thirds of the employees are over-weight.
  • Average adult may spend sitting at work about 50% to 80%.
  • Working class may face high musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Among the top ten disability reasons is cited to be back pain.
  • The worker spends around 1500 hours sitting before the computer.
  • Among half of the employees, about 16% tend to complain from severe pain after the working day’s end.

A look at the above statistics has compelled the majority of the business establishments to take notice of the situation of their employees. Hence, they have been trying to change their existing setup to something that is ergonomically designed. Office chairs that are ergonomically shaped and having excellent adjustable features are sure to offer the employees with greater satisfaction at work and improve on overall performance.

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