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Avoid Health Problems with Ergonomic Saddle Chairs | Sit Healthier

Avoid Health Problems with Ergonomic Saddle Chairs

The truth is, you probably spend more time sitting down than you do anything else. And if you’re like most people, you might not be sitting in the right chair. That’s a problem. No matter what your profession is, sitting in a bad chair for long periods of time can lead to a variety of health problems. If you’re looking for a better way to work at home or at a desk, I’ve found the perfect solution: Ergonomic saddle chairs. I’ll break down what they are, the benefits of them, and how to find the best one for you.


What is an Ergonomic Saddle Chair?

Ergonomic saddle chairs are basically the Swiss Army Knife of ergonomic chairs. This tool combines a lot of great aspects of an ergonomic office chair and adjustable height office desk chair, all in one. They use a memory foam saddle with cushioned side and back cushioning. This provides the best balance between comfort and support to help reduce neck and back strain. Seat heights can vary between 17″-35″ (depending on the brand), and they come in a variety of colors to match any décor. For a great, detailed comparison of ergonomic saddle chairs we have multiple options in the Sit Healthier Website.


The Benefits of an Ergonomic Saddle Chair

Whether you’re at a desk, in a chair, or on the move, an ergonomic saddle chair will keep you standing straight, more active, and healthier. They’re also well-designed to be portable. Plus, many come with power adjustable arms to help with personal comfort. So here’s what you get with an ergonomic saddle chair: Stable chair that can adjust for comfort Multiple options for height adjustments Quiet, powerful motorized reclining Power load to hold a few pounds of weight, Easy wheeled transportation to get it from room to room. The Best Ergonomic Saddle Chair Here are the best quality saddle chairs.


Proper Posture

There are countless benefits to adopting an ergonomic saddle chair at work. First and foremost, your body muscles are often atrophied and even weakened, so it’s important to stay limber. Not only that, you end up having neck and back issues when you don’t take care of your posture. Ergonomic saddle Chairs are great because they allow you to stay in a more comfortable position at your desk. Instead of cradling your body against a hard chair, the molded ergonomic design of an ergonomic saddle chair provides a much more comfortable ergonomic seat. If you’re on a desktop computer, that allows your body to stay naturally in a more upright position, which helps alleviate the neck strain and pinching pain that can result from holding your head down on your desk.


How to Choose the Right Chair for You

There are a lot to consider when picking a saddle chair, your height is an important factor in picking the proper cylinder to insure your feet are flat on the ground. You will also have what accessories you need like footring, backrest and armrests. You do not have to worry, you may contact our Sit Healthier Support Champion Team to help you out in picking the right Saddle Chair for you! You may check out our website for contact information and product descriptions.

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