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Ergonomic Saddle Chair: Why You Should Have A Chair That Actually Fits Your Body Shape | Sit Healthier

Ergonomic Saddle Chair: Why You Should Have A Chair That Actually Fits Your Body Shape

No matter how good of a desk chair you have, it’s never going to be a perfect fit for your body. The best solution is an ergonomic saddle chair. Most people are leaning forward in their chair and the pressure on their spine is causing issues for their neck and back. But with an ergonomic saddle chair, you’re sitting on a saddle-like seat with a natural recline. This chair is perfect for people with back pain because it helps take pressure off your spine.


The problem with a standard chair

A regular old chair with an armrest sits on a flat, hard platform. This creates an uneven pressure that gives your back the tiniest bit of relief. But your back can start to feel the pressure of your chair when you’re leaning forward. A recliner chair is very comfortable, but it doesn’t put pressure on your back. That’s why we recommend using a saddle chair for your entire workday. It gives you relief without giving you any discomfort. How to Choose The Right chair There’s lots of high-end models on the market, but we recommend the Sit Healthier Chairs available on our website. It’s comfortable and easy to adjust. It can be adjusted to different heights, you can tilt and recline, and you can adjust the height and width. 


What is an ergonomic saddle chair?

This is a great alternative to sitting on your desk because you get to sit back and relax on a rocking chair-like cushion. When you first sit on it, it feels a little uncomfortable. That’s because it’s hard to imagine sitting with your legs extended. But once you adjust to the new position, you start to feel amazing. The chair is a great choice for people that suffer from chronic pain because it’s better for you than sitting on your desk all day.


The benefits of an ergonomic saddle chair

These chair are so comfortable that many people don’t even need a chair pad to cushion their buttocks. For starters, an ergonomic chair adjusts the angle of the backrest so you’re sitting in a comfortable recline that lets your body adjust to the position of your lower back. Most ergonomic chairs have some sort of foam padding on the backrest to add additional comfort. In addition to the backrest, most ergonomic chairs also have armrests. These armrests may be simple rubber or metal arms or a simple leather swivel-strip that keeps your arms from sliding. Arms and shoulders should be kept at a 90-degree angle while sitting in an ergonomic chair. Your body should be in a neutral, upright position with your spine erect.


How to choose the right ergonomic saddle chair for you

There are two main ways to measure your body’s natural recline: Standing on a chair and lying down in the chair – you’ll know your body’s natural recline when you’re lying down but not when you’re standing up. – you’ll know your body’s natural recline when you’re lying down but not when you’re standing up. Standing and lying down on a step – your natural recline is measured by the angle between your shoulders and hips. The ideal angle is 41-43 degrees, which is the highest you’ll feel comfortable sitting in a chair and the point at which you’re “reclining.” You shouldn’t lean forward at all. Many modern ergonomic chairs use this measurement for your chair’s recline, but there’s more to consider.



Sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to your health in multiple ways. Even more important than any other physical ailment, too much sitting can shorten your lifespan by a whopping seven years. It’s the same effect as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. It’s as bad for you as quitting smoking for good. If you are currently sitting for a long time at your desk, take a few minutes to stand up, get a drink, and walk around for a few minutes each hour. It will give your body the opportunity to rejuvenate and reset itself to be in a healthy state.

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