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The One Chair To Rule Them All: A Comprehensive Guide To Ergonomic Saddle Chair | Sit Healthier

The One Chair To Rule Them All: A Comprehensive Guide To Ergonomic Saddle Chair

The Ergonomic Saddle Chair has been designed to provide you with all the benefits of a traditional office chair, without the health risks. The Ergonomic Saddle Chair is the world’s original health-conscious chair, and has been clinically proven to improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue and discomfort.


The Benefits of the Saddle Chair

Your body has an optimal posture and there are multiple factors that contribute to good posture and comfort. Your chair is a critical piece of your posture routine, so it is important to purchase the best office chair available. Typically, people have an inverted posture, and in this position, their upper back tends to slump forward over their shoulders, putting pressure on their spine and preventing them from moving comfortably. The saddle chair aims to solve these problems by reducing this posture, and by providing other ergonomic benefits. Our Favorite Saddle Chair: Choosing a high-quality office chair is crucial, and many people overlook one essential feature that will ensure you buy the best office chair for your needs: it should be comfortable.


How to Choose the Saddle Chair that's right for you

Fortunately, choosing the right ergonomic office chair is easy. You can browse the wide variety of ergonomic office chairs from the comfort of your home and online, or visit a local branch of selected furniture retailers to speak to an ergonomic design expert about the office chair that's right for you. Saddle chairs are suitable for most uses, including sitting at a desk, but should be avoided if you sit for long periods. If you spend most of your working day sitting down, or working in an office where you're prone to painful muscle cramps, then this is the chair for you. The best ergonomic office chair can help reduce aches and pains, reduce back and neck pain, and generally improve your overall health.


The Ergonomic Saddle Chair in Action

The first and simplest way to use the Saddle Chair is to recline. No matter how you work, you’ll feel like your head has been dipped in a tub of warm buttered gruel. If you want to work standing up, just lean your entire weight against the base. If you have a cubicle in the corner and want to sit down and stretch, just lay down on the back legs and find a nice and comfy spot. It’s like the office version of the golf cart – you get all the benefits without having to climb a hill. What Makes It Different The main difference between the Ergonomic Saddle Chair and the traditional office chair is the specific layout of the cradles. The cradles are shaped to enclose you so you can recline and avoid neck strain. They are also angled so they prevent the back from slouching and muscle strain.



No one knows what it’s like to sit at a desk all day long. Most of us can’t remember a time when we weren’t sitting at a desk or table. As it turns out, sitting in an ergonomic saddle chair for most of the day is not great for your health. In addition to generally being healthier, a study from the Netherlands found that those who were assigned to a standing desk for an 8-week period suffered fewer musculoskeletal disorders and complained of less back pain after the study was over. But the saddle chair isn’t all bad. Studies have shown that seated sitting is actually better for your health than standing up. The bottom line is that chairs that are too steep can also be problematic. For example, if the back of the chair is sloped too steeply it can cause lower back pain.


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