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Why You Should Never Sit in a Typical Office Chairs | Sit Healthier

Saddle Chair Health Benefits: Why You Should Never Sit in a Typical Office Chairs Again

We sit for more than half of our waking hours. Yet most office chairs are designed with a straight back and a fixed hip joint, which provides no support for the lower back and may lead to chronic muscular pain or even sciatica. A saddle chair, on the other hand, is specifically designed to allow you to sit in a natural position that promotes good posture while also encouraging healthy movement. Here are some benefits of using a saddle chair.


Why You Need an Ergonomic Saddle Chair

A flat or even slightly concave back, like that of a kitchen stool, doesn’t support your lower back and increases your risk of repetitive-stress injury. If you don’t have the opportunity to adjust your back often, your spine and hips will adapt to the position in which you sit. As your spine lengthens and your hips narrow, your lower back will have to fight to maintain a neutral alignment, which could lead to chronic lower back pain. Saddle chairs, on the other hand, provide your lower back with maximum support and minimize compression from the natural curves in your spine. “Saddle” in this case means that the chair is designed to rest your feet, the same way a saddle uses the side of a horse to support the rider.


Why You Should Commit To Good Posture

Why You Should Never Sit in a Typical Office Chairs | Sit Healthier

Do you ever catch yourself hunching over, slouching, or flexing your spine? Most of us do this all the time, with no real purpose, and the result is poor posture, decreased mobility, and even pain. If you are serious about becoming the healthiest, strongest you, you need to make a commitment to good posture. This can include any number of small, but important behaviors. These include maintaining a strong and active upper back with strong and engaged abs; regularly using a supportive shoulder, waist, and hip belt; changing postures frequently; and spending time in the seated position, not only at work, but also at home. A saddle chair is an incredible tool to help you maintain good posture while increasing your body’s overall flexibility.


What are the benefits of good posture?

Does sitting upright for long periods of time contribute to back pain? The only way to really test this theory is to find an appropriate and ergonomically designed desk chair that prevents the lower back from slouching and to carefully sit in this chair for a set period of time. The benefits are numerous, so let's break it down. Your spine will feel better. The lower back is the hub of the body, where many nerves and muscles connect. The curved shape of a typical office chair may cause lower back pain, as the bones of the spine curve forward. In contrast, a saddle chair allows you to sit upright in a straight back. This straight back also helps to reduce pressure on the lower back, helping to alleviate lower back pain caused by sitting hunched over. You will feel less fatigued.



Saddle chairs can be an effective and simple tool for improving your posture, energy, and mood, allowing you to perform at your best.

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