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3 Things That Make The Ergonomic Saddle Chair Better Than Conventional Chairs

3 Things That Make The Ergonomic Saddle Chair Better Than Conventional Chairs

Our lifestyle and habits have evolved over the years but not our surroundings. Many still sit for more than nine hours on chairs designed before the 21st century. Conventional Chairs do not do the body any good. We have got an answer to the age-old problem. The problem of sitting for long periods of time without feeling pain and harming our body.


Today we have the Sit Healthier Ergonomic Saddle Chair. It is a natural approach to the issues that come with sitting for long hours to work. It is easy to install and comes in Multiple Colors and very easy to Clean. It has nice stitching which makes it very easy to clean. 


It helps to Relieve Back and Shoulder Pain. It comes with height adjustment which means it can go as low as you want it to. It Rotates at a 360° angle. It teaches you how to sit properly. The pressure from your weight moves it up and down giving you a natural and easy way to sit. It is scientifically designed to overcome any problems associated with or caused by conventional chairs. It is scientifically designed to keep the body's spine in its natural S-shape. The Sithealthier saddle chair supports your pelvis and stops it from rotating backward. 


The height that you would sit on a Sit Healthier Saddle Chair is slightly higher than your conventional chair. This keeps your thigh at a 135-degree angle. This keeps your hamstrings in a relaxed position. This is different from a conventional seat that forces your pelvis backward. 




With your pelvis at a relaxed angle, it can act as a solid foundation to keep your spine in a natural position. This allows the spine to retain its natural s-shape. Due to the shape of the Sithhealthier saddle chair, it is impossible to slouch. The seat's special contour ensures that there is good blood flow to the leg. 


Every Sit Healthier Ergonomic Saddle Chair is custom-built to suit its user. It has carefully designed proportions. It has a range of stem heights. All Ergonomic Saddle Chairs come with adjustable seat tilt for optimum balance and good posture. In a good posture, the muscles remain relaxed allowing blood circulation. The Sit Healthier Ergonomic Saddle chair is based on the science of sitting healthy. This enables a comprehensive physical balance of the whole body. On conventional seats, the thigh is taking the whole body weight. 


Our Ergonomic Saddle Chairs remove any pressure on the bottom and on the thighs. With conventional seats, digestion is slowed down because there is pressure on the digestive system. In a saddle chair, the digestive system works at its optimum. It allows users to vary their position from sitting to partially standing to fully standing. The partial standing position is very interesting because it puts the user in a standing position while taking the load off the leg. It is designed to promote an open seating position. This pushes the legs outward. Pushes the pelvis forward and activates your lumbar curve in the process. Its extended cylinder accommodates all working heights. The Sithealthier saddle chair can be adjusted using the lever found under the seat. You can also adjust the chair tilt and the backrest by lifting it. Sithealthier chair is designed to counteract the negative effect associated with prolonged seating. So you can be more efficient at work. Want to get yours? Visit our collection to get yours now. 

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