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Ways to protect your back from Strain in the Workplace

Ways to protect your back from Strain in the Workplace

If you are living on your desk or you spend a lot of hours sitting on your desk, then we have got something for you.  Sitting alone can lead to neck and back pain. When you catch yourself slouching on your chair that can have a cumulative effect on your body over time.

About half of working professionals experience back pain at some point. The most common reason for back pain is as a result of weak muscles causing pain to your spine. Your spine and pelvic bone are some of the structural foundations of the body and your core muscles are attached to them. Our muscles work together in groups and they are all interconnected.  There is no quick fix for back pain but it is recommended that one takes measure to create Ergonomic environments around their lifestyle habits. Creating an Ergonomic Workspace, Reducing stress and getting a good night sleep is one of the many ways to reduce back pain. So how can you experience less back pain in the workplace?

  1. Improve Your Sitting Posture:

    Ways to protect your back from Strain in the Workplace | Sit Healthier

    You would be benefitting a lot when you place your spine in a neutral position. Designed with lumbar support features Ergonomic saddle chairs help to support your lower back. These chairs help to maintain the natural arch to your lower back. Slouching is only a change in position but when you choose to maintain this position for long hours it can cause you back pain. Studies show that people are likely to reduce lower back pain when they change their sitting posture. When you sit in a bad posture for hours it can cut circulation on the particular part of your body and would result in swelling.

    Try using Sit Healthier Ergonomic Chairs when you are sitting. If you don't know what kind of chair you need, we will help you. You should reach out to us, someone is waiting to hear from you.

  2. Use Ergonomic Saddle Chairs:

    Ways to protect your back from Strain in the Workplace | Sit Healthier

    We know a lot of us can get really busy responding to emails and the likes and can be absorbed with what we are doing and slouch by default. But when we slouch what happens is that we begin to put compressive forces on our lower back and neck. Some companies buy good chairs but people are often not sitting right. When you sit back on an Ergonomic supported chair, it reduces the compressive forces in your lower back and Torso because the chair is designed to take some of the body's weight. It also allows you to sit and relax on your chair for long periods of time.

  3. Adjust your work tools:

    You have to adjust where your keyboard, mouse and monitor is positioned. So you can work in a comfortable posture for as long as you can. Ergonomic Chairs come with adjustable levers and this something most people are not aware of. So when you sit you can be in control of your work-place in its entirety.

You can protect your back by practising proper work habits all the time.

If you are experiencing lower back pain when sitting then try these steps to alleviate lower back pain. It is important that you choose comfort and health over anything else. Choose Sit Healthier Ergonomic Saddle Chairs.

If you are looking to order a Sit Healthier Ergonomic Chair you can do so by visiting our Collection.

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