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Why You Need An Ergonomic Saddle Chair: How It Can Improve Your Health | Sit Healthier

Why You Need An Ergonomic Saddle Chair: How It Can Improve Your Health

You might not think that a chair is that important. After all, you're probably spending most of your time on your feet, right? But if you sit for hours at a time, as most people do, a chair can have a big impact on your body. For some people, this might mean an aching back and sore neck. For other people, it might mean numbness in your legs. Either way, it's not comfortable and it's not healthy. 

Why Ergonomic Saddle Chairs Are Better

So why is it so important to buy a good chair? Well, if you want to work correctly, you need to sit correctly. People with back pain will not have the best posture if they sit in a chair that is not correctly designed to be ergonomically correct. And just like you need to breathe, move, and stretch regularly, you need to keep your posture, sitting position, and leg muscles moving if you want to be healthy. Saddle chairs that allow for a lower backrest, full-body support, and a full range of motion can greatly improve your health by helping your body heal and recover. In fact, according to Stanford University, we spend as much as 35% of our time sitting and, sadly, that number is only going up. 

Saddle Chair Makes You Feel More At Ease

One of the most important aspects of a chair is its comfort. And saddles aren't just about how comfy you feel while you sit. People who sit at a desk all day know that they need to switch positions more often, otherwise they'll get all stiff and sore. But even when you're not working, a saddle chair can help reduce discomfort. For example, in studies, people reported less neck pain after using a saddle chair. The changes in their posture seemed to account for this improvement, as well as sitting for a longer time. But when researchers adjusted for the discomfort of a saddle chair, this change in posture didn't reduce symptoms. Plus, when people sat for a longer time in a saddle chair, they reported fewer muscular aches and pains than people who used standard chairs. 

Helping You To Sit More Naturally

If you struggle to sit comfortably, this could help you to improve your health and back-pain levels. What are the benefits of having an ergonomic saddle chair? 1. It improves posture and reduces pain and discomfort When you sit in a saddle chair, you're naturally sitting in an upright position. This improves your posture, which in turn reduces pain and discomfort. 2. It helps you to maintain a healthy weight When you sit with your spine in a neutral position, your weight is distributed evenly across your lower back. 

Good For People With Back Pain

Sitting for long periods can lead to back pain. By getting up and using a seat instead, you can relieve some of this pain. This is a good thing. It's also good for your circulation, as using a sitting position for long periods can lead to muscle weakness. But that's not all it is good for. Getting up and moving about can improve blood pressure and cholesterol, leading to a lower risk of heart disease. And there are even studies that link an ergonomic saddle seat to improved vision, decreasing the likelihood of cataracts. In the long run, being more active can actually save you money. Your money will go further and you'll have more energy. Plus, you can be more productive at work and you'll feel better overall. 


Does sitting for long periods of time really affect your health? Unfortunately, yes, it does. So, what's the solution? Sitting down and getting up to stretch every so often could be all you need to improve your brain and your body. Use a chair that corrects your posture. And, if you don't have time to go on a walk, consider using a Saddle Chair. Stretching every day can also reduce your risk for various health problems including diabetes, heart disease, and depression. And, if your brain really does become fried, some good old-fashioned physical activity will give your mind a boost.


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