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Why You Should Switch To A Saddle Chair: Why It’s Worth The Investment | Sit Healthier

Why You Should Switch To A Saddle Chair: Why It’s Worth The Investment

Saddle chairs are ergonomic seating options that are designed to reduce stress on the spine. They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes; and they work for people of all body types. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that saddle chair users find them the most comfortable seating option. Here are some things you need to know about saddle chairs to decide if they’re right for you.

What is an ergonomic saddle chair?

Saddle chairs are designed to be more forgiving and support the body’s natural curves. As a result, the seats provide back support and minimize the effects of everyday activities. They have slanted backs that help to alleviate pressure on the lower back and relieve pressure on the organs in the lower back. There are also wide and spacious armrests that aid in support, back support, and keeping the wrists straight. Why is it better to sit on a saddle chair than a traditional chair? Saddle chairs are designed to feel more supportive than most traditional chairs. Their sloped backs support the upper back and help to minimize pressure on the spine.

Why is an ergonomic saddle chair the best solution?

Ergonomic chairs were designed to solve the common problems caused by sitting for prolonged periods of time at work and at home. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic found that low back pain was responsible for 57.3% of all workplace injuries. Even though we sit for 90-120 minutes per day, most people do not get adequate back support when sitting in an ordinary chair. This causes stress on the lower back and can lead to problems including lumbar and lower back pain and sciatica. Saddle chairs address this problem with one main design feature: they stay in place, even while you move. This way, you can recline back without worrying about toppling off of your chair.

Why are most people sitting in the wrong chair?

The usual problem you see in chairs is that the individual that is in the seat is the biggest person in the room, which means that they take up more space than anyone else. This also means that they take up a lot of force on the seat as they’re supporting their body weight. If they’re not careful, they can stress their lower back or the back of their legs. Another problem that is often a problem is that people don’t have good posture. Nowadays, many people are sitting in offices or in meetings where they spend much of the day in the same position. Even people who sit for long periods of time don’t necessarily sit in a sit-stand desk, which is a good idea, because your weight is still pretty stable and your spine is still standing tall.

What are the benefits of an ergonomic saddle chair?

Saddle chairs support the lower back by raising the pelvis and back from the seat and back of the chair. The trick is to lower your body to the chair so your pelvis is upright and your spine is at the correct angle. Saddle chairs are better than sitting on a cushion. A cushion doesn't take your body's posture into account. They also maintain the shape of your body, which can lead to sagging when the cushion is no longer there. Saddle chairs are easier on your posture. A saddle seat that is straight and level will support your back more naturally than one that is tilted. Saddle chairs improve your posture and blood circulation. A curved leather seat will naturally support your lower back and hips when you sit in it.


If you want to find out if saddle chairs are right for you, you can have a seat in one for yourself to see for yourself. Though you may have to try several for the best fit, you'll find that it offers the best chair seat ever. Saddle chairs can be an effective tool for home or at work, but choosing the right one is important. Here at Sit Healthier everyone is provided with multiple choices to choose from when picking an Ergonomic Saddle Chair. We ensure that your body type and health concerns are taken to account when picking for the right Saddle Chair. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Sit Healthier now.

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