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  • Bambach Seat Height & Saddle Size

    Seat height

    Cylinder size Body height Seat Height range
    Low 4' to 5'2" 18.5"-23"
    Medium 5'1" to 6'1" 22.5"-30"
    Tall 5'8" and over 25"-35"

    Saddle size

     Bambach | Classic (Medium)
    • The most popular saddle size. Fits most adults and teens.
     Bambach | Classic Plus (Large)
    • Features a longer, flatter front pommel with a wider seat in the rear. Longer front-to-back and wider in the rear than the Standard Saddle, however hip abduction (leg spread) is the same in both.
    • The introduction of the large seat was the result of feedback from male customers. While predominately used by men, it is also preferred by larger framed women and those with muscular or thicker thighs and buttocks.
    EXCEPTIONS: People with abnormal hip joint anatomy, fracture, surgery, or joint replacement may need a narrower saddle than recommended. People who are very petite may be more comfortable in a smaller saddle. Alternative Bambach Saddle sizes are available in these models: