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  • Humanscale Textile

    Composed of 100% recycled polyester, Squiggle offers an innovative weave structure to create a modern organic wave pattern resembling ripples of water. This environmentally sound textile may be applied either horizontally or vertically to Humanscale seating.

    Constructed of plain weave using a blend of nylon, Cordura® and elastic yarn, this textile offers a pleasing texture and extreme durability. Because of the Cordura® content, this four-way stretch woven textile performs to the rigors of the most demanding contract environment.

    Developed initially for sportswear, Wave responds to the unique form and production requirements of Humanscale seating. This four-way stretch fabric exceeds all contract interior testing requirements for heavy-duty upholstery.

    Water repellent and easy to clean, Lotus is an ideal textile for the healthcare and hospitality environments. Its polyurethane finish with nylon backing boasts a soft texture that is pleasant to the touch while offering exceptional durability.

    Bridget Stripe
    Composed primarily of renewable merino wool, Bridget Stripe offers a five-color 50-stripe pattern with shifting color sequence that creates an undisrupted movement across the surface of the fabric. Boasting exceptional durability for a wool textile, Bridget Stripe may be applied either horizontally or vertically to Humanscale seating.

    Composed of 90% wool, Ginkgo offers a pleasing texture and durability. Its subtle and elegant pattern makes this textile appropriate for a variety of environments. Ginkgo comes in vibrant and saturated colors, expanding the scope of Humanscale's upholstery line.

    Offering style and performance, Sensuede was developed to be the best and most luxurious engineered suede available. The silky feel is the result of recycled microfibers that are breathable, extra-strong, and resistant to most stains and wrinkles.


    A lightly corrected, aniline-dyed leather produced from European hides, Vicenza receives a special retainage which enriches the leather and tightens the grain. A breathable protective finish offers durability and comfort.


    Cervo is made using specialized milling that adds unique character and provides a soft, pebble grain texture unmatched by any other leather in its class.

    Exceptionally soft to the touch, Bizon is a thick, rich grained leather with excellent light fastness. It offers a plain, pigmented finish that has excellent stain protection, making it ideal for any user or application.


    Corde 4
    Designed with a four-way stretch, Corde 4 provides sitters with ultimate comfort as they adjust positions. Its intricate weave structure, dimensional surface and wide array of neutral and vibrant shades are visually appealing and engaging to the touch