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  • SAlli: 10 health effect

    The following observations describe impacts that are achieved only by sitting on an active, two-part saddle chair. Sitting on the traditional one-part saddle chair contains so many serious problems in connection with posture, genital health and also with the health of the inner pelvic organs that it cannot be recommended as a working chair.

    Fabulous Saddle Stool

    Outstanding customer service by the SitHealthier team. I was very reluctant to buy this stool. After using for a few weeks, I wouldn’t use anything else. Thanks guys you saved my back and money. I will come back for sure. So happy I found it.

    Mahnaz R.

    I Love My Salli Chair

    I am a lash artist and permanent make up artist. Sitting for long appointments with clients was wearing on my back with a regular stool.This chair is fabulous for correct posture and comfort making long appointments seem easy

    Donna M.

    FREE SHIpping

    We are pleased to offer FREE SHIPPING for Salli chairs to the US. Now you can shop with enjoyment knowing that there won’t be any additional or hidden costs to your order.

    WHO is salli?

    Many of us are spending up to 13 hours a day sitting at our desk or other workspace. It’s no wonder studies show that 80% of people suffer from some sort of back problem at some point in their life. Sitting position and the type of chair play a major role in how your body copes with a sedentary job.
    Developed by experts in back physiology and ergonomics, Salli was designed to balance the pelvis in an upright position, using your hardy sitting bones rather than your tender soft tissues to hold you up. The clever saddle-style of the Salli chair makes it almost impossible to slump and have bad posture.
    What does this mean? You’re sitting in a position your body was designed to sit in, meaning less impact, stress and inflammation on your body after a long day in the office or clinic. Even better, the two-part seat holds the pelvis upright, in the same position as if you were standing, giving you the same benefits of a stand-up desk, but the comfort of being able to sit.
    The short term benefits? Huge. The long-term benefits? HUGE!

    WHO is Sit Healthier?

    If you really want to know about SIT HEALTHIER, you need to know one thing right away: 

    Above all else, each of us here is passionate about your comfort and health. It's this enthusiasm for ergonomics which compelled us to first begin selling office chairs online over two years ago. From our headquarters in Sheridan, Wyoming, we've grown our operations across America and are proud to offer distribution of our products across the nation and worldwide via FedEx, UPS, and USPS First Class Priority Mail. We're growing our operations steadily and look towards doing more to help people like you find health and happiness during the hours each day they spend behind a desk.