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Salli Saddle Chairs | SitHealthier

Energy levels up, profitability up!

The sick leaves are often long, and the problems may never completely go away. The problems are treated, and ergonomic furniture acquired, often when it is too late and the back is causing problems.

The worst thing one can do to one’s back is to sit in a slouched position. The natural curves of the spine disappear and the pressure is unevenly distributed on the disks; this can result in a prolapsed disk. When the back muscles stretch they get tense and their circulation weakens. Poor circulation and metabolism predispose joints to degeneration and osteoarthritis.

On a two-part saddle chair, one can keep the back straight – because of the gap the chair does not press the genital area uncomfortably and thus there is no need to round the back. Wide joint and hip angles enable undisturbed circulation. Breathing becomes deeper when the weight of the upper body doesn’t press the lungs. Relaxed neck muscles don’t press the arteries that take blood into the brain, and the brain gets all the oxygen it needs to function properly. It is easier to concentrate and the risk of mistakes diminishes.

The activating mechanism of Salli Swing models helps you to make exercise part of the daily sitting. Lift your feet off the floor and turn the chair around by activating your core muscles, and boost your circulation at the same time. Place the printer on the floor so that you have to reach for it by bending on the chair, and roll on the chair to fetch things.

Don’t let back problems emerge, because curing them is more expensive than preventing them. About three days on sick leave costs the same as a good saddle chair.

Salli Saddle Chairs | SitHealthier
In the right position the shoulder, hip, and heel are on the same line, the same way as when standing. Boost the circulation of your feet by rubbing them on the knobs in the base.

The future office is both comfortable and efficient

The pioneer of sitting health, Salli, has been developing also a concept for the office of the future. By considering all the factors that affect well-being and profitability, and increase energy, the productivity can be 1.5-3 times higher than in a traditional office.

In the future office, the company offers the employees a healthy lunch and the most important supplements. Snacks are fiber-rich and include healthy fats (seeds, nuts, avocados, organic fruit, etc.) to prevent the decrease in blood sugar levels and hence the working efficiency.

Exercise is encouraged: employees are allowed to swim or exercise during work hours, and there are hanging bars, power boards, steppers, kettlebells, gym balls, and other equipment available. They can be used during breaks of peacefully also during phone calls.

The desktop computer provides exercise and brake tips and has sensors to track the health markers of the body and react to them. Lights are automatically optimized for both power and color, depending on the season and time of day. Workspaces are customized for each employee to be fun and energy-efficient, so everybody will immediately feel good when entering the workspace.

Work comfort and efficiency can be improved with feeling- and mood-related factors, as well as purely anatomic and physiological things. A person who is happy and sitting in an upright position is a beautiful sight!

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